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Achieving GROWTH


 Optisceo is a platform that allows you to focus on the growth of your business instead of the time and risks of operation.

We understand the imperative need to surround yourself with people who can work efficiently. Our core team is based in the UK and South Africa, making sure that the vetted operations assistants are matched with your organisational needs. From individuals to start ups to small and large teams at established companies, we provide assistance efficiently with competitive financial and contractual terms. 


Optisceo HQ Is LONDON Based.


Three easy steps

1. Consultation

Your requirements are as unique as your business and way of working. A consultation will help us understand your needs in order to connect you to the right business operational assistant. There is no commitment required at this stage.

2. Perfect Business Match

We will send across details of your matched virtual operations assistant within 48 hours for approval. Our London team will sign you up once agreed on an assistant and walk through orientation as needed.

3. Team work leading to growth

Your business operator is integrated into your organisation virtually, allowing you more time and headspace to focus on areas that need you the most. 

Request a no commitment consultation today to see how we can help. 

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